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Imagine hosting a garden party or a family barbecue in a space that’s uniquely yours. With our advanced landscape design services, you can see detailed renderings of your future outdoor living space before any planting or hardscaping begins. 

Picture where your outdoor kitchen will go, perfectly positioned for meal prep while you entertain. Visualize the landscape lighting that sets the mood and enhances safety. Extend your living space into the outdoors in a functional and breathtaking way.

Popular Upgrades For Landscape Design In Knoxville

Landscape Lighting

Imagine your garden glowing in the perfect light, enhancing your home's beauty and safety. Our landscape design shows you exactly where each fixture will go so you can envision your outdoor space in a whole new light.

Drainage Plan

Are you tired of water pooling in all the wrong places? See how our drainage plan can channel water away effortlessly with underground piping and driveway drains. You'll get a straightforward design that solves your drainage problems.


Picture your lawn always looking its lush, green best without lifting a finger. Our design shows where each irrigation head will go and where it will spray, ensuring your property gets the perfect amount of water.


Imagine your yard, perfectly sculpted to enhance both beauty and functionality. Our grading design shows you a tailored layout that prevents erosion and water pooling, making your outdoor space as practical as it is stunning.

Landscape Design: Transform Your Knoxville Backyard Into A Luxurious Retreat

Why settle for a boring backyard when you can have a luxurious outdoor retreat? Our landscape design services offer you a glimpse into the future of your Knoxville property. 

See how grading can improve sloping or unlevel land, making your outdoor space practical and stunning. Imagine the tranquility added by a perfectly placed water feature, all included in the design renderings.

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